Quntrol has been appointed by the regulatory bodies of the following countries to prevent the import of substandard pharmaceutical and related regulated products. We have extensive experience is managing pre-shipment inspection, testing and certification programs.

Our programmes are customised to match the needs of various importing countries.

An example of a typical implementation strategy is as follows:

  • Document verification – valid manufacturing license, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certificate, Certificate of Analysis, import license, product registration certificate
  • Physical inspection prior to shipment - Verify packaging, damage, verify if product is manufactured in the same site as the registered site.
  • Sampling – as per WHO guidelines or as per requirement of the regulatory body of the importing country
  • Testing and analysis in accredited laboratories – ensure product meets quality specification
  • Certification – required for customs clearance in the country of import

We also offer services of inspection and
testing to private organisations